Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Poem: Daughter of Eve

Daughter of Eve, Shield maiden of Zion,

The pinnacle of God's creation you are.

Stunning in beauty, graceful in form,
Every movement a dance in its own.

To be pursued and sought after,
Not idolized and lusted over.

Created to heal and nurture,
Not to demean nor dominate.

Your beauty is both within and without,
Otherwise you are but a shell.

Critique and nagging do not do you justice,
For they hurt and hinder, more than lift up and encourage.

Be filled with grace and truth in all that you do,
For that is what men, the sons of Adam, need from you.

Just as they are called to lay down thier lives for you,
In ways more than just physical,
So you are called to be by their side.

Whether as mother, daughter, wife or friend,
You are to be their helper, encourager, counselor to the end.

They need you and you need them,
Even if neither will admit.
For we are all created to need,
We need God, we need each other,
Otherwise, we are but unplanted seed.

Only in relationship will that seed grow,
Left on its own it will just shrivel up and turn to dust.

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