Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meaningful Words (03/28/10)

As I reflect back on my journey with God, how He led me from obedience to faith to obedience, I am filled with gratefulness and awe. I am also aware that today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week and by the week’s end we will have remembered all the events that led up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Here are a few poems reflecting those themes:

Fire and Desire
In the beginning,
I remember fire,
Burning in my heart,
Filled with desire.

But now I stand.
It’s three years past.
My heart is cold.
Where’s my desire?
Where is the fire?

Holy Spirit fill me up,
With the lasting fire!
Fill my spirit once again,
Make my soul fly higher

Higher than the sky!
Higher than the moon!
Shoot me into eternity!

You go to church every Sunday
Don the suit, don the mask, don the act
You sing the songs and listen to the sermon
But deep down you know it’s all a lie

Life continues on, you play the game every day
Load the bullet in the gun, and pray the chamber’s empty
Every time it gets easier,
Every time you loose a bit of yourself
Hiding the truth from all those you love
But there’s One who always knows

You think you’re doing them a favor
But you’re hurting them beyond repair
Acting like a Christian when you don’t even care

You’ve got the M. Div.
You’ve got the preacher’s touch
You even have your own church
Everyone thinks you’re the best
But you’ll never pass the final test.

Why do you continue on this blessing filled path to hell?
Still you play the sheep, when you know you’re a wolf
Do you think you can hide forever?

I pray that one day you’ll see the truth
That all those things you fake can be yours in real life
‘Cause there’s a God out there who knows you for all you are
And He longs for you to come home to Him at last

This Cross
I wear this cross around my neck to remind me
To remind me that I am no longer my own
To remind me that I have been bought with a price
To remind me that 2,000 years ago He died in my place
He took the blame that should have been mine
He took the pain that should have been mine
Every bad thought that goes through my head
Every terrible deed that I take part in
Every sin that I commit
Was summed up in those six hours He spent dying on this cross.

This cross reminds me that I have a Savior
No longer must I go it alone
This cross reminds me that I have a Father
No longer must I be a prodigal son
This cross reminds me that I have a family
No longer am I the only one

This cross reminds me of a Man who cared.
He cared for the homeless
He cared for the lonely
He cared for the brokenhearted
He cared for those without a heart
He cared for those society tears apart
He cared for sinners like you and me
He cared for everyone that we do and do not see.
He cared and He still cares

This cross stands for grace
Of greater worth than any gold
This cross stands for mercy
Enough to cover the greatest of sinners a hundred times over
This cross stands for strength
His made perfect in our weakness
This cross stands for power
An immeasurable amount too awesome to even comprehend
This cross stands for love
Unlike any ever imagined or seen
This cross stands for compassion
To receive back a wayward soul that cost Him His own life.
This cross stands for Jesus, my Savior and my Lord!

            Thank you again to each of you, for continuing to stay with me on this journey. True, some of you are reading this only for the first time, yet you still managed to get this far.  ;-)  Your thoughts and prayers continue to give me strength and I am grateful for each and every one of you. If any of you have concerns, prayer requests or other needs, just let me know. It would be my honor to pray for you, as you pray for me, knowing that even now, Jesus prays for us all (Hebrews 7:25).

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